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DAEWON cns Preparing to jump as
a superb in the 21st century

Daewon C&S Co., Ltd. continues to grow into a recognized company in
the domestic hotel and restaurant supplies field based on
the expertise and knowhow accumulated for
17 years starting from the manufacturing of commercial carts.

We produce a wide variety of products in all fields such as hotels,
resorts, training centers, dining out, lodging, and clean rooms, and
meet customers through online and offline which are flexible to
suit a range of applications.

In addition, based on the creation spirit of Creation and Service,
we put customers first, develop and supply creative products, and
all our employees are making continuous efforts.

In recent years, it has established itself as a professional
manufacturing company that supplies the highest quality
salad bars for buffet restaurants, and has developed items
related to the food service system, such as self-service
serving tables for family restaurants and group restaurants, and
supplies products that impress customers.

In the future, we promise to do our best to satisfy our customers and
improve the quality of life of humanity by producing high-quality
products and friendly consultations, and
at the same time, we will be your true partner.

Daewon C&S Co., Ltd. CEO Douglass Won